5 Rainy Day Kigali Activities

Want to get the family out of the house for some fun, while still keeping everyone nice and dry? Try one of these 5 Kigali Activities to get you through the rainy season!

1. Movie Day

Photo Credit:  Afrotourism

Photo Credit: Afrotourism

Century Cinemas

KN 2 St
+250 789 122 222

Cine 7

KG 11 Avenue
Kimironko District
+250 7 83 661 924

2. Visit the Library

Photo Credit:  Living in Kigali

Photo Credit: Living in Kigali

Borrow a children's book or two from the Kigali Public Library and then head upstairs to Shokola for a coffee, smoothie or snack.

KN 8 Ave
Kigali, Rwanda
+250 788 500 777

3. Bowling

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

With six polished bowling lanes and shoe rental available, you'll have everything you need for an afternoon games with the entire family.

Mamba Club
KG 680 St
Kigali, Rwanda
+250 783 103 160
Hours: 12PM - Midnight

4. Indoor Playgrounds

Photo Credit:  Kigali Hits

Photo Credit: Kigali Hits

Let the kids play, run, and burn off some energy indoors. Monaco Cafe, Spiderman Game Center, and several other cafes and restaurants in Kigali have indoor play areas. For a full list, check out our Kigali Playgrounds.

5. Take A Cooking Class

Photo Credit: NWC

Photo Credit: NWC

Want to learn how to whip up some new dishes for your family? With the variety of cooking classes available in Kigali, kids and parents alike can become master chefs in no time! Check out our list of Kigali cooking classes.