DIY Bowling Game from Recycled Bottles!

Have way too many water bottles floating around your house? Need a little creative, fun on the weekends? Us too!

So, we came up with a creative way to reuse our water bottles and spend some quality time with our kids. We call this Recycled Bowling!


DIY Bowling Game from Recycled Bottles!



10 Water Bottles

Paint (1-3 colors)

Ball (preferable small to medium, but can be any type)

Paper and Pen

Follow these steps towards the fun:

  1. Get 10 empty water bottles.

  2. Fill each with paint at least half way up the bottle, and make sure the lid is screwed tight.

  3. Stack the paint-filled bottles in 2 rows and get your ball.

  4. Designate someone to keep score and make sure you have at least 2 players.

  5. Now it is game time! Play 20 rounds keeping score of who hits the most water bottles.

  6. Have fun and use those paint-filled bottles for a painting activity next time!

We love creative ways to reuse and recycle. Let us know what eco-friendly games you come up with below!

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