Ask a Kigali Mom - Greeting Cards in Kigali

Whether you are celebrating a wedding, birthday, or special occasion, cards in Kigali are hard to come by. Here is a directory of places where you can easily source beautiful and affordable greeting cards.

It’s worth noting that these shops generally stock the same two card companies: Umubano Cards and Kurema Cards. Prices vary between shops and sometimes between specific cards.

Umubano cards is a social enterprise based in Kigali. They offer employment opportunities for Rwandan youth through the production of the handmade greeting cards. The cards are made using recycled paper. Kurema cards feature street art and community art works they’ve created throughout Kigali. The profits are reinvested into community arts projects across the country.

To find different cards, you’ll need to visit the art centres that are included below.

Abraham Konga

KG 672, Kimihurura
Rwf 5,000

 Abraham Konga is a More than Sparrows artisan. He doesn’t make his own cards, but there is a good selection of cards in the back of his shop. You may have to ask to find them.

Go Kigali Tours Boutique

KN 3 Avenue, Kigali Marriott Hotel, Kigali
Rwf 6,500

The boutique stocks Umubano cards and Kurema cards.


Haute Baso

KG 9 Ave 39, Nyarutarama
Prices vary from Rwf 2,500 to 5,000. 

Haute Baso has a great selection of Umubano and Kurema cards displayed amongst their collections.

Ivuka Arts Kigali

KG 565 St, Kacyiru

Rwf 5,000

Ivuka Arts stock cards made by their resident artists. You won’t find the Umubano or Kurema cards here.

 Toddle Care

KG 549 St, Kigali
Rwf 1,500

Toddle care stock Umubano cards, but they are much more child friendly compared to those sold at other shops. For example, the designs feature animals.

Niyo Art Gallery

KG 513 St, Gasabo
Rwf 3,000

 This Arts Centre stocks handmade cards made by resident artists.