Custom Rwandan Artwork and Kigali Art Galleries

A unique piece of Rwandan artwork is a beautiful way to dress up your little one's nursery or the family living room. From paintings to sculptures, many Rwandan artists today are self-taught and provide custom art services.

This offers families the opportunity not only to customize artwork for their home or to give as a gift, but also let's you get to know the artist and perhaps even visit their studio! This personal touch makes your artwork even more special.

Custom Artwork

Rwandan Artists

Serge Niyonsaba

+250 783 779 694

One artist, Serge Niyonsaba, originally from Rubavu, but now based in Kigali, has loved drawing and artwork since he was a child in primary school. Today he creates striking custom art pieces for families and parents including Cherie Blair, a leading barrister, human rights advocate and staunch supporter of women's rights.

Serge loves doing portraits and adapts his distinct artistic style in his depictions of family photographs.

Want to see more talented Rwandan artists? Check out one of these galleries right here in Kigali.

Kigali Art Galleries

Inema Arts Studio.jpg

Inema Arts Center

KG 563 St
Kacyiru, Kigali

Inema Arts Center provides space for 10 artists-in-residence to explore their creative talent through painting, sculpture, and mixed media expression. The Gallery in Inema Arts Center showcases Inema artists' work alongside contemporary art from around the world.

Inema’s Arts Center flagship programs, including Nziza Artworks, Art with a Mission, and Inema Dance, each cultivate young Rwandan creatives to develop livelihoods in the creative arts.

Through workshops, trainings, and hands on classes, the Inema Arts Center expands creativity throughout Rwanda and the African continent.


KG565 Street
Kacyiru, Kigali
+250 788 620 560

Since it's inception in 2007, Ivuka has been honing skills of young Rwandan artists through self-sustained programs that would boost their self-esteem, harness their artistic development and create local and international exposure for their creations.
Today Ivuka boasts to have produced Rwanda’s current top artists most whom have grown and moved out of the center to establish their own studio spaces.

Ivuka is an open studio space where local artists convene everyday of the week to work
together under one roof. The center is also comprised of a gallery space where finished
artworks especially paintings are hang on display for visitors to view.

Photo Credit: NIYO Art Gallery

Photo Credit: NIYO Art Gallery

NIYO Art Gallery

KG 513 St
Umuganda Road, Kigali

NIYO Art Gallery features local artists and is part of the NIYO Cultural Centre. Proceeds from art sold support vulnerable children from the centre.