Parent Teacher Organizations in Kigali

"It takes a village to raise a child"

This is one of the most popular parenting quotes. It is often tossed around, but have you ever considered its importance. Your child gets taught many lessons from the communities around them including neighbors, extended families, the culture of Kigali, and especially their school.

During the school week, the classroom is where your child spends the majority of their time. And they will be able to remember more of the personal and academic lessons that they learn there if you continue their learning outside of the classroom. This may be staying up to date on the curriculum by establishing a relationship with their teacher or helping them review at night. Or it may be getting involved in their school’s parent teacher organization to help support the school and the values and materials that they teaching in the classroom. The types of relationships that you could have with your child’s school are numerous, and all of them are a guaranteed way to deepen your relationship with your child and their learning!

Parent Teacher Organizations 

Check out these Parent Teacher Organization at local Kigali schools. If your child’s school isn’t listed, reach out to your child’s principal or teacher and they probably can get you connected with one!

International School of Kigali:

The goals of this PTO is " 1) community-building; 2) fundraising, and 3) supporting the educational experience and nurturing environment of our children while attending ISKR." Commons events held by the PTO is the Culinary Extravaganza, annual picnics, and movie nights!

Kigali International Community School: 

KICS PTO works to uphold the Christian mission of the school. They also "promote a cooperative relationship between the parents, teachers, and school administration and provide additional resources for the teachers." Common events are the fall festival, teacher administration week, and movie nights!  

The Earth School: 

The Earth School always keeps its classrooms open to parents after the first month of school. Parents can observe a school day or schedule individual meetings with the teachers. 

Lycée du Kigali

Lycée du Kigali PTO advocates with the administration on behalf of the families with issues such as school fees, and works to communicate decisions of the administration to all of the parents.

Fun Review Games to Help Your Child Study 

Have your child teach you!  Teaching others is the best way to learn new information and allows you to learn some new facts as well!

Make homework a game! Are they studying for a test? See how fast they can do a set of math problems or write out a set of spelling words! Try to get them to beat their time.

Make it creative! Have them write out words or practice problems in fun material such as sidewalk chalk or shaving cream!