Prenatal Massages

As any soon-to-be mama learns, staying comfortable during pregnancy can be extremely difficult. Prenatal massages are the perfect way to relax, despite a growing belly. It’s important to find a spa and masseuse that is qualified for prenatal massages to make sure that the experience is not only relaxing but also safe for you and your baby. 

Try one of these Kigali spas and get ready to unwind!

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Healing Spa

KG 305, Kibagabaga
+250 733 276 363

Sunset Spa

KG 19 Avenue, Kibagabaga
Sunset Villa Estate
Reception: +250 787 702 861
Phone: +250 788 511 661


Iwacu Wellness Center

KG 432
Next to SOS Kagugu
+250 788 301 674
+250 784 572 192