What to Do: Summer 2019?

What is there to do in Kigali this summer? We have collected a list of fun activities, camps, and private lessons happening in Kigali. Your summer fun awaits!

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1. Summer Camp

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Global Kids Camp (1).png
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Kigali Moms and Dads brings you Global Kids Camp - June 17 to August 30, ages 6-16! Camp is offered the minute your kid gets out of school, up until it is time to go back.

More than 40 activities offered this summer for your kids to have fun, explore new terrain, cultures and gain 21st century skills in a safe environment. Activities will promote healthy lifestyles, Rwandan culture and multicultural appreciation.

Give your kids the gift of new lifelong friendships and an unforgettable summer camp experience! Don’t miss out on your chance to sign up for a slot.

2. STEM Activities

Photo Credit: Futurite

Photo Credit: Futurite


KN 8 Ave
Kigali Public Library, Kacyiru
+250 722 000 111

At the top of Kigali Public Library is Futurite, a high quality STEM training educational program. This summer they are offering incredibly fun, interactive STEM concepts like Robotics, Coding, 3D Design & Printing and Mathematics!

Photo Credit: Children’s Creativity Lab

Photo Credit: Children’s Creativity Lab

Children’s Creativity Lab

116 KK 15 RD
Kicukiro, Kigali  
+250 788 802 332

Children’s Creativity Lab introduces children (ages 7-13) to the world of Computer Science, Engineering and Robotics. Children design, build and iterate their creations, while also learning how to participate in real-world applications of engineering and design principles.

3. Private Lessons


Hotel Villa Portofino Kigali
119 KG 9 Ave, Kigali
+250 787 559 274

Teacher Liza van Niekerk and her student

Teacher Liza van Niekerk and her student

Learn to swim in a fun and safe environment. Ages 2+ years. All teachers are Swim SA and/or SAWFA certified. Sounds like fun to us, especially with Kigali’s hot summer coming!


Freelance Zumba Instructor
Diane Schommer
+250 787 597 371

Photo Credit: Diane Schommer

Photo Credit: Diane Schommer

Meet Diane Schommer! With her 10 years of experience, she is transforming the Zumba scene in Kigali.

You can catch her at Heaven Fitness Center on Wednesday at 6:00pm and Saturday at 10:30am, as well as this summer at Global Kids Camp. She also arranges private lessons for kids and adults. You don’t want to miss out on this cardio fun!


Photo Credit: City Arts Kigali’s  Website

Photo Credit: City Arts Kigali’s Website

City Arts Kigali
18 KG 672 St
Kings Hostel, Kimihurura
+25 0784 444 569

Hilde Cannoodt
Contemporary Dance Teacher
Whats App: +44 7900 441993

Bashir Karenzi
Freelance Dance Teacher
+250 788 738 615

Everything from modern afro-beats to belly-dancing can be found right here in Kigali. Check out these studios and freelancing artists for group classes and private lessons!

Photo Credit:  Living in Kigali

Photo Credit: Living in Kigali

Visual Arts

Niza Art Gallery
Painting Lessons
KG 578 St, Kigali
+250 782 754 860

Azizi Life
Imigongo & Pottery Lessons
KG 5 Ave, Kigali
+250 785 781 146

Nyamirambo Women’s Center
Weaving & Local Cooking Classes
KN 7 Ave, Kigali
+250 782 111 860

Imigongo, Pottery and Weaving - Oh My! Learn how to make local Rwandan art with your little ones or even big ones - creating art is fun for all ages - and add some beautiful self-made art to your walls.

Photo Credit: 1000 Hills Rubgy

Photo Credit: 1000 Hills Rubgy

Additional Sports

Blais Dusins
Taekwondo Freelancing Teacher
+250 788 801 063

Professional in Acrobatics
+250 784 029 651

1000 Hills Rugby
Jimmy Mugabo
Professional Rugby Player & Team Coach
KK 591 St
Kicukiro, Kigali
+250 788 261 386

Kigali is home to many unique sports, such as taekwondo, acrobatics and rugby! Get active and involved in fun, up-and-coming sports this summer.

Contact us at info@kigalimomsanddads.com if you are a local business or freelancer, and would like to be added to our list!