Camp Activities

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Below is an example of the weekly themes around which the Camp Director will create specially-tailored day programs with local partners, experts, enthusiasts and thought leaders. We are flexible - while we have chosen topics generally popular with each age group, our team is eager to tailor weekly activities to align with your children’s interests.

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  • Daily program focuses on learning new skills with fun hands-on activities, such as designing a robot, creating art, developing a website and learning to launch a business

  • Weekly “Adventure Day” tailored to campers interests: swimming, basketball, tennis, scavenger hunts, dancing classes, and more!

  • Each week campers will complete a project based on the theme of the week - create a website, make a music video, design a kitenge outfit, etc.

  • ‘A la carte’ - pick and choose which weeks to enroll your child based on your family’s summer travel plans.

Pick-up and drop-off available with trusted drivers.